December Whiskey Samples - Celtic Cask Sé Déag, 16

We are pleased to offer the final sample of 2016 just in time for the festive season.

Celtic Cask Sé Déag (16) is a double distilled single malt that was initially matured in a Bourbon cask for 14 years. It was then re-casked in a special Anima Negra red wine barrel for over 2 years. Following on from other very popular Celtic Cask whiskeys this continues our love affair with these barrels from one of Spain's finest wineries. Wine finishes can be tricky to get right but in this case the two elements come together incredibly well! We hope you enjoy this exclusive whiskey.

More details:

Bottling Date      10th November 2016.

Casking Date      19th September 2000.

Alcohol %            46%

Types of Barrel used for Aging:   Finished in an Anima Negra red wine barrel for the final 2 years of maturation.

Tweet Tasting- As usual we will be conducting a tweet tasting where all club members are welcome to join in with tasting notes and discussion. Why not save your sample and join in?

Date: Wednesday 28th December, 7.30pm.

We will be tweeting from @celticwhiskeycl and @celticwhiskey using the hashtag #celticcask16Celtic Cask Sé Déag, 16

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