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Set up in 2013, the Celtic Whiskey Club is open to anyone over the age of 18 in Ireland, or over the legal drinking age in their home country. Our aim is to promote Irish whiskey, in a fun and enjoyable manner. The club is administered by the Celtic Whiskey Shop but we encourage all members to engage in discussion as contributing members to the club. Membership gives you exclusive access to samples of new and exciting whiskeys including cask samples, limited editions and exclusive bottlings.

Members receive new samples in the post every two months. There is then the option to take part in our twitter tastings, where members of the club around the world can taste the new dram together, following the #. This is a fun and light hearted activity, designed to promote engagement between our members. If one prefers to enjoy their sample in their own time there is no obligation to take part.

These will be mailed out every two months.As hosts of the world’s first Irish Whiskey Awards, all members of the club will have special voting rights. More details on the awards can be found at the here.

Membership to the club costs €70 per year for Irish residents and €80 for the rest of the world. The increased price is to allow for increased postage fees.

Feel free to Sign Up HERE or by calling us on +3536759744

The Celtic Whiskey Club is a division of the Celtic Whiskey Shop Limited — a company registered in Ireland under company number 367358 whose registered office is at 27-28 Dawson St, Dublin, D2, Ireland. 

About Us

The Celtic Whiskey Club is run by staff at the Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dublin. Our aim is to bridge the gap between whiskey drinkers and whiskey makers, giving our members special opportunities to sample amazing whiskeys.

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For general information about the Celtic Whiskey Club, including registration, please contact us at:
 tastings (@) celticwhiskeyshop.com
  +353 1675 9744
  +353 1675 9768
 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland