Next Tasting: it's all about Hyde Whiskey!


Good news for our club members,

The first samples of the year will be of Presidential quality!


First of all, welcome to all our new members and Happy New Year 2016 to all our members all over the world! 

We are looking forward to sharing our love for whiskey with you for another year. 

The January-February Hyde No. 1 Presidents Cask whiskey samples are on their way 

and we are offering you the opportunity to win one bottle of the new released Hyde No. 3.



Save the date of our Tweet Tasting: Wednesday 24th February at 7:30 pm

We will be conducting our member tweet tasting as usual, 

with the hashtag #HydeNo1 and from our accounts @CelticWhiskeyCl and @CelticWhiskey.


Enclosed you will find a whiskey from one of the new generation of whiskey makers in Ireland. Hibernia Distillers are based in Cork and are producing 

a number of quality whiskeys which they finish in casks they have carefully sourced from Jerez, Caribbean and other exotic places.




Hyde 10 Year Old Presidents Cask is an Irish double distilled Single Malt also double matured in two different casks.

Hyde have sourced their 10 Year Old Single Malt from a well established Irish distillery and named it after Douglas Hyde, the first president of Ireland. 


It was initially matured in flamed charred  ex-Bourbon Barrel and has been given a 10 month finishing period in the finest 250OL Oloroso Sherry cask for an extra smooth sweetness.

The final maturation has rounded off the whiskey and has added some delicious flavours of dried vine fruits, toffee and spicy oak. 

A good Oloroso cask will cost as much as ten times the price of a similar Bourbon barrel and for most whiskey makers that is simply an unwanted expense.

Thumbs up to Hibernia Distillers for going down this road because the end result is definitely worth it!


Like all their whiskeys this has not been subjected to chill filtration which means it retains as much flavour as possible. 

If you are not used to drinking whiskey at 46%, then you may want to add a tiny amount of water to this one.



This was the first release from Hibernia Distillers and is now partnered by Hyde No.2 which is also 10 year old single malt but finished in rum casks.

Coming VERY soon (Launch on the 16/02/2016!), is Hyde No.3: a 6 year old Single Grain whiskey which is entirely matured in first fill Bourbon barrels.


To spice things up, this time we are offering a prize of a bottle of Hyde No.3 for the best tasting note posted on Twitter.


Good luck to all and Sláinte!


The Celtic Whiskey Club team.



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