Next Tasting: it's all about Hyde Whiskey!


Good news for our club members,

The first samples of the year will be of Presidential quality!


First of all, welcome to all our new members and Happy New Year 2016 to all our members all over the world! 

We are looking forward to sharing our love for whiskey with you for another year. 

The January-February Hyde No. 1 Presidents Cask whiskey samples are on their way 

and we are offering you the opportunity to win one bottle of the new released Hyde No. 3.



Save the date of our Tweet Tasting: Wednesday 24th February at 7:30 pm

We will be conducting our member tweet tasting as usual, 

with the hashtag #HydeNo1 and from our accounts @CelticWhiskeyCl and @CelticWhiskey.


Burns Night Tasting

Burns Night Tasting

Last Thursday saw our Robert Burn's tasting night take place in 57 Headline Bar on Clanbrassil Street. This was a delectable evening of poetry, whisky and traditional Scottish food. Leading the proceedings was Stephen Magennis and although his poetry reading skills may need some brushing up, his whisky knowledge never fails to impress.

The night proceeded in the following fashion:

January Tasting Sample- Celtic Cask Ocht

January Tasting Sample- Celtic Cask Ocht

This month’s sample is one of our very recent Celtic Cask releases, Celtic Cask Ocht (8). Our tweet tasting took place on January 7th following the hashtag #celticcask8.

In many ways this can be considered a big sister to or previous release Sé (6). It is a unique 23 Year Old single malt which was double distilled in Ireland. It was first casked into a refill sherry cask on the 16th of September 1991. In April 2013 it was then emptied into a red wine  cask from Anima Negra, a Spanish winery on the island of Mallorca.Anima Negra is made from the local Callet grape variety. Casks are made from French Allier oak and have a capacity of 225ltr. The red wine spent 20 months in the barrel.

We have had numerous whiskeys matured in these types of barrels and so far they have all been outstanding, paying tribute to the exceptional quality of the wood.Taking this experience into consideration, we were careful not to over do the wine cask maturation. Hence just 18 months in the Anima Negra Cask.

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